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HR For Beginners Bundle

HR For Beginners Bundle


This bundle is a great foundation for beginners who are getting started with the hiring process. The HR for Beginners Bundle includes:


1. Interview Checklist;

2. Employee Offer Letter; and

3. Employment Agreement.


The Bundle also includes a User Guide for each document listed above. 


Disclaimer: This document(s) is made available by ALC Consulting Group, LLC for educational purposes only, giving you a general understanding of the law and sharing general information, not to provide specific legal advice. These are sample template documents and for companies based in New York. Regardless of where your business is located, you should always contact an attorney in your appropriate jurisdiction to discuss the applicability of any legal documentation, sample, and/or template as well as discuss your particular circumstances and/or case. The ALC Consulting Group, LLC is NOT a law firm and does not provide legal services. If you need an attorney to provide legal advice, you should contact a licensed attorney in your relevant jurisdiction. You will be held legally responsible if you download this document and you re-sell the document or share the document, for use, with a friend or another entity. If you have purchased this document, only YOU can use this document. Our Company will seek every available remedy under the law if we are made aware that any of the contracts or templates owned and created by ALC Consulting Group, LLC are being resold or shared to third-parties.

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