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Contracts & Templates


Legal Disclaimer is owned and operated by the ALC Consulting Group, LLC. and is NOT a law firm. The information and all contracts, forms, templates, disclaimers, waivers, and documents purchased and/or downloaded from this site are lawyer drafted and reviewed. However, the purchase and download of any of the products on this website provided by the ALC Consulting Group, LLC. do not establish attorney-client privilege between the entity, any attorney that drafted and/or reviewed any of the documents, and the consumer. Nothing herein shall be construed as legal advice or attorney services and/or legal services. The ALC Consulting Group, LLC. does NOT warrant or represent, expressly or implied, that the information or documents for purchase on this site are the most up-to-date legal or other information. If you need an attorney or legal advice, please contact an attorney licensed in the relevant jurisdiction. Only an attorney whom you have retained can provide specific legal advice and can assure that the information contained on this site, any documents purchased on this site, or otherwise, is accurate information or appropriate for your specific needs.

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